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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 08:25

Food for the Poor, UGSS donate equipment to UG’s Agri Faculty

news 20171101Food for the Poor Guyana, in collaboration with the University of Guyana Student’s Society (UGSS), today donated farming equipment to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, on the Turkeyen Campus. Among the implements donated, as part of Agriculture Month activities, were forks, shovels, and cultivator tillers.

According to the UGSS President, Norwell Hinds, the initiative is the first major contribution to students from the 20171101 1

“We started a journey, the ‘UGSS and You’ some weeks ago, and as part of that process we spoke about our commitment to student welfare, our commitment to good governance, our commitment to resource mobilisation and our commitment to using social capita”, Hinds said.

He added, “We want to demonstrate to you, as your servants here at the university, that we first have to listen to you and second we have to amplify your voice to the stakeholders that matter, and to the stakeholders that can bring relief.”

Hinds commended Food for the Poor for its contribution to the faculty, while noting that the student society was determined to have the donation made during Agriculture 20171101 2

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry’s Dean Dr. Owen Bovell said while the department has received several gifts over the years from various stakeholder, they have never been to this magnitude.

“I want to assure Food for the Poor that your equipment handed over is in capable hands, both in the light of staff and students. We guarantee we will take good care and maximize the use of the equipment”, Dr. Bovell assured.

Food for the Poor’s Public Relations Manager Wayne Hamilton remarked that is was gratifying for the organisation to make such a robust donation to the faculty. He said he is confident that the items donated will be fully utilised by the students and will improve the work of the 20171101 3

The implements donated are intended to benefit students of the Agriculture Departments on the Turkeyen and Tain campuses.


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