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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 12:34

Quality education critical for the wellness of communities – CEO Hutson

news 20170904 6With September being Education Month, the Ministry of Education, (MOE) has launched a calendar of activities in observance. The launch took place at the Umana Yana, yesterday morning.

The theme for Education Month 2017 is ‘Promoting wellness and in communities through quality education’.
The event was attended by the Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry; Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson; and the other senior officials in the Ministry. There were also Officers of the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD), head teachers, teachers and students among others.
Quality education is of utmost importance, according to the Director of NCERD and chairperson of the event, Jennifer Cumberbatch. It provides learners with the ability to enquire and become productive eventually, she said. It also leads to a productive and prosperous life for members of the community.
“A community that is healthy, that is well, is more likely to focus on their children’s learning and to value their own health and also their environment. The children will not be engaged in violence, in tobacco use, in substance abuse and other risky behaviours. They will embrace mental health and good nutrition. These citizens will make good decisions towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.”
Quality Education which also plays a vital role in transforming must be embraced as it can be a “powerful tool in promoting behavioural health and wellness of our communities,” according to Ms Cumberbatch.
The CEO, Marcel Hutson, focused on the impact of a quality education on not only a community, but also the country at large.
He said, “Quality education is critical for the wellness of communities and by extension the nation”. He defined wellness in this context as, “an active process through which people become aware of and make choices towards more successful existence”.
Hutson said that it assists in developing attributes and skills to achieve goals and is a human right. As result the MOE has been working to ensure pupils and students across Guyana secure the best education.
Teachers are able to access free training as a result of the ministry’s commitment to guarantee this type of education to children. Textbooks, learning support material, transportation and even breakfast have been provided so as to improve the standard of education, he said.
Extracurricular activities and programmes have also been added to create “a group of children that are viable and that are balanced”.
There is a promise to invest in hinterland regions so that the gap between the performances of students will be closed.
Minister Henry said that Education Month gives the Ministry of Education both the time and the opportunity to reach out to all our stakeholders, all hands on deck, teachers, students, parents, organizations and the general public.
“This month will also provide us with the opportunity to show appreciation and take the time to listen to feedback, because feedback is important as it certainly helps with the strengthening strategies and systems.”
This year’s Education Month activities will officially begin on Wednesday with a tree planting exercise across the nation.
Some major activities include announcement of grant winner Youth Innovation Project of Guyana (YIPOG), Panel discussions, Health fairs, National Education Day, Debate, Singing Bee and Cricket Competition, Launch of Guyana Education Sector Improvement Project, Promotion of Male Engagement in Education, Social Evening with MOE Staff, Jeopardy, Special Schools’ Exhibition, Attendance Award Ceremony (National), Educators in Concert and National Award Ceremony.


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