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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 08:55

Full STEAM ahead…GIA holds science fair

The Georgetown International Academy (GIA) has been hosting annual science fairs since 1971. This year’s Science fair was called ‘Full STEAM ahead innovation, imagination and invention.’ 

Director of the school, Kelly Mekdeci, said that this fair has had the most original and professional projects that she has seen over the 20170523

The Principal explained that GIA over the past three years has adopted a new curriculum, which not only focuses on the scientific method but on the engineering and design process.
Teaching aspects look mainly at STEAM –science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The theme for this year’s fair was STEAM. An art element was 20170523 1
Students took the science fair to another level, the principal said. There were projects that focused on music, visual arts, developing drones, solving problems that would impact Guyana.
Students from kindergarten to secondary levels part took in the event. They were given the chance to apply what they learnt in class, to concept and projects.
Rick Ramnarine, a second grader, did a project on recycling. He explained that he chose recycling “so I could help the community and our countries to keep clean. I got the idea because people are just throwing away things that you could recycle.”
The eight-year-old made paper clip holders, pencil holders, coin holders and a plant 20170523 3
In the Secondary category, Mahima Pratab and Rachel Mekdeci placed second. Their project examined the impact of music on a student’s brain.
Mekdeci explained that it has been scientifically proven that music helps the brain.
“What our project has discovered is that using brainwaves, specifically alpha brainwaves, angry-sounding music will help you to 20170523 2
However, relaxing music between 60-70bphm will really help calm down after a stressful day.” Winner of the Secondary category was Shane Suklall, whose project was ‘Guyana Drone Hyperlift.’
The overall winner of the fair was nine-year-old Jayden Beharry. His project was ‘The fastest way to cool a soda.’ His favourite subject is science, “because it allows you to experiment and is fun.”
The Science Fair helps the students to develop their public speaking skills, and at the same time educates them about science, the Director said.


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