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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 08:19

Scotia Bank collaborates to reward Bartica’s top CSEC, NGSA students

Every year, the Bartica Old Students Committee, recognises students who attain 500 marks and more at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and also the top Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) student in scotia Bartica.

This old students committee was established by Mr. Carlos Prowell and Nirvana Burnett, five years ago.
The Bartica Three Miles Secondary school held its graduation on Thursday September 29, 2016 and the top CSEC student, Ms. Shonetta Tyrell, who attained six Grade One passes, Four Grade Twos and Four Grade Threes was awarded a Lenovo 20161004
The two top students of the NGSA were also each awarded a Lenovo tablet. The awardees were: Romel Smith from St. John Primary School who was named the Region Seven top performer with 526 marks, and Corina Clementson from the St. Anthony Primary who attained 500 marks.
The Lenova Tablets were made possible by El Dorado Trading’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tamesh Jagmohan, and Vishnu Panday and Associates Inc. in collaboration with the Bank of Nova Scotia.
The Committee is grateful to the annual support of Vishnu Panday and Associates Inc. and also the support of Mr. Jagmohan.


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