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Thursday, 15 October 2015 00:00

China commits 10 scholarships to Guyana for 2016

Guyana will next year be eligible for scholarships in China. This subject was one addressed yesterday when China Ambassador to Guyana, Zhang Limin, met with Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton.

The meeting which was convened in the Minister’s Brickdam, Georgetown office saw the Ambassador, through an interpreter, congratulating Dr. Norton’s accession to ministerial office having spent years as a specialist doctor in the public health sector.
Ambassador Zhang made a point of emphasising that China and Guyana have over the years maintained very close relations in the field of public health with China sending medical teams to support the local public health system for the past 40 years.

“Today we had discussions in expanding the cooperation in public health between China and Guyana,” said Ambassador Zhang through his interpreter.
According to Dr. Norton, the visit yesterday was especially interesting to him given the fact that China through the Minister, has vowed to make available 10 scholarships to Guyanese students next year.

“We have always been receiving scholarships, particularly in Medicine. We will continue to get more…over the years most have been in Medicine and I hope that the Guyanese students will make use of this opportunity to go and study in China,” said Minister Norton.
Just last week Argentina, through its Ambassador, Luis A. Martino, committed to offering Guyana support to improve its national blood transfusion service and promised to make available some scholarships to Guyanese to study in Argentina.

This support is one that is premised on bilateral South-South co-operation between Guyana and Argentina.
Minister Norton in lauding the health support through the South-South collaboration recently disclosed that local general medical practitioners will be eligible for postgraduate programmes.

According to him, a good thing about the offer of such fellowships is that, “We practically have doctors ready to take up these offers because they are Spanish-speaking physicians who were Cuban trained. They can leave almost immediately for postgraduate training.”
But Minister Norton is hopeful that the postgraduate programme would not be limited to those related to haematology, but he anticipates that it will eventually include areas such as General Surgery, Internal Medicine and Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

Ambassador Martino also mentioned the possibility of support in paediatric care also being eventually extended to Guyana.
“It is good news for physicians who are looking for the possibility of doing postgraduate training, and we can assure them that we were guaranteed by the Ambassador here from Argentina that they will make postgraduate training available to our physicians and I am delighted and heartened by this,” added Minister Norton.


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