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Monday, 10 August 2015 00:00

School uniform voucher increased to $2000

Parents of school-aged children can now look forward to an increase in the school uniform voucher, as this has been increased from $1,500 to $2,000.

This was the disclosure from Finance Minister Winston Jordan when he presented the 2015 National Budget, yesterday in the National Assembly. This is expected to benefit more than 167,000 students, and will cost the Government over $337M. The Minister also disclosed that those students in the hinterland areas will also receive an increase, thus benefitting an additional 33,000 students in the hinterland,
And “Persons receiving payment for sewing uniforms in remote hinterland locations will now receive a 25 percent increase on the amount, that is from $800 to $1,000” Minister Jordan stated.
This will raise the income of those hired to sew, and so create more monies for circulation at the local/community level.
The School Uniform Voucher initiative was established with the aim of improving student’s attendance rate in schools. It is believed that education is the way out of poverty and the only way of moving a country forward.
It is against this background that this programme continues to be given focus, since it will ensure children attend school and be provided with a quality education.

Source: Guyana Chronicle

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