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4 secure scholarships from United World Colleges

Four students have impressed representatives of the international school, United World Colleges (UWC), thus earning themselves full scholarships to study at various universities across the globe. They were chosen by The National Committee of UWC (Guyana) from a shortlist of 16 students.

The committee was established in Guyana in 2014 for the specific purpose of selecting three students to study at their universities in China, Canada and the United States (US). However, Ellie Price, who is on the National Committee shared that they worked really hard with the various universities for a fourth scholarship to be made available as they had an interesting turnout.

The students chosen are Stephon Roberts, Saif Panday, Merissa Peterson from Diamond Secondary School and Kyle Joseph from Queen’s College. They will be studying at universities in Singapore, China, US and Canada, respectively.
Guyana Times spoke with Joseph recently and he explained that UWC “is the only international school which brings children from around the world from different Josephcountries irrespective of their backgrounds”. He said that the schools do so with the specific purpose of bringing cultures together to enable the concepts of peace and unity. This publication understands that the young man is quite into his own Amerindian heritage, having taken part in several events where he performed.
Regarding the six courses being offered to the awardees of the two year program, he praised the Sciences as he aims to become a Medical Doctor (MD), stating that the advance course in these are most welcomed.
The up and coming MD stated that he was quite appreciative of the university and what it offers. He stated that his current financial status would not have allowed him to be able to study overseas, especially with the two year cost being equal to more than $9 million. Joseph said he is “happy for being given this opportunity and is not going to waste it.”
Peterson said that she was quite happy to have gotten the opportunity as well. She will be going to the UWC University in Las Vegas, New Mexico, US. She said that they are expected to be there for August as they have orientation which involves a range of activities like volunteering and getting acquainted with the university and the city.
She said that her family is quite excited for her, especially her mother. Petersons said the fact that the scholarship is a full scholarship was a great inducement to her applying as her mother is a single parent and thus would not be able to finance such an opportunity for her. At the moment Peterson and her family only need to take care of her visa application.
Ellie Price, who is on the Selective Committee, recently sat down with Guyana Times and was able to lay out the finer points of UWC. She said that students with low incomes were their target as they wanted to give an opportunity and let them make the best of it. She stated that the “world had been torn apart by war and price1misunderstanding and the idea was if we educate the world’s future leaders together so that the same class growing up alongside people from all different countries, there’s not going to be anymore war as we understand each other.”
Price said the academics was not the main point of the selection of the four students as the interview with them was oriented based on their interpersonal skills, their personalities and their parts in extra -curricular activities.
With its main office is based in Wales, United Kingdom, the UWC has 14 schools around the world including Swaziland, India and the United States of America. The school was founded in 1962 in order to bring students together who saw each other as being too different to have anything in common.


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