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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 12:43

St Margaret’s students have high hopes and big dreams for NGSA 2015

This publication visited St Margaret’s Primary School yesterday and found pupils tirelessly preparing for the two-day National Grade Six Assessment exam, which commences today. They shared with us some of their expectations and aspirations:

Rhea Ramotar: “I’ve been studying a lot for my exams. Most times I go to bed at 11:00 pm. I’m hoping that I get Queen’s College, since it’s considered as the top school in Georgetown. Rhea RamotarSo far, everyone is cooperating with each other in order to do well at the exams. My teacher (Ms Kathryn Persico) has been giving us extra lessons and pushing us to excel. I want to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a journalist. I would also like to say ‘good luck’ to everyone writing the exams.”

Aaliya SinghAaliya Singh: “I am very confident that I will do well in my exams, since I’ve been studying every night. I would like to get Bishop’s High School, since I want to become a lawyer. I also would like to wish everyone good luck today and tomorrow in their exams.”

Jahrol LondonJahrol London: “Like everybody else, I would also like to get a top-five school in Guyana. I am working very hard to ensure I live up to my mother’s expectation, since she cannot afford a private school. I’m always in my 90s in class, so I’m confident that I’ll do good and be able to help my family in the long run. One day, I would like to become a lawyer, and probably a banker just like my mom, since she is my role model. Good luck to all my friends; don’t give up, and keep on fighting.”

Reanna MCcurchin: “I expect to do well in my exams, since I’ve been doing quite well in my school work.Reanna McCurchin I’m hoping to get Queen’s College and then Bishops, since I want to become a lawyer someday. Good luck to everyone.”

Chidanand BhimChidanand Bhim: “So far, my studies have been going great, so I’m hoping to do well. I would also like to get Queen’s College or any of the top schools in Georgetown. One day, I wish to become a pilot, so I can go to places and see other countries. Also, I’ve always been dreaming of topping my country, so I hope this comes true.”

Teacher Kathryn Persico: “The students are unbelievably hard-working. Teacher Kathryn PersicoThey requested classes on Sunday and even Monday and Tuesday! They’ve been working with me from 9 to 3pm! I expect them to do well, since they seem to have the drive for excellence. Most of them have been performing very well. I wish not only them, but every student that is writing the National Grade Six Assessment today and tomorrow all the best.
“We have done our part as teachers; now it is their part, and God will now do the rest.”


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