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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 14:18

The role of parents and guardians


Parents are critical stakeholders in attaining a secure and safe school environment.

The Headteacher is expected to involve parents in drafting and reviewing the security and safety procedures of the school. Security and Safety must be on the agenda of all Parent Teachers Association Meetings.

As a result, parents should be familiar with the School Safety Plan, Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Policy of the school. They should recognize that they too are responsible for monitoring the behavior of their sons, daughters and neighbours. In fact, the Headteacher must ensure that parents are aware of the contents of the Manual of Guidelines for the Maintenance of Order and Discipline in Schools.

National Truancy Coordinator Yvonne Arthur has reported that some 55 parents have been placed before the court for neglecting to educate their children since the Education Ministry stepped up its truancy campaign last year.

Parents are placed before the court when they fail to send their children to school, despite assistance from government and other support agencies.

The Education Ministry has taken a decision to prosecute parents who have abandoned their responsibility to educate their children in a bid to send a clear message of its position on this matter. Child employers are also being targeted.

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