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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 19:48

National Grade Six Assessment

As over fifteen thousand of the nation's pupils prepare to write the National Grade Six Assessment, it is fitting that we should address some of the related concerns surrounding the assessment and its perceived or real implications vis-à-vis education in Guyana in general. It is my opinion that many of our children writing this assessment are placed under an inordinate amount of pressure - I have had first-hand exposure to this on numerous occasions.

This phenomenon is rooted in various historical elements of our country's education system. It would have emerged to a large extent from a pre-existing belief pattern that one's only chance of "doing well' in life, depended on that pupil earning one of the highly coveted, very limited places at the more "elite” secondary institutions.

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On February 28, the Ministry’s Schools Welfare Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, the Guyana Police Force visited ‘E’ Field, South Sophia investigating the absence of school-aged children from school.

With-in a few hours and thorough walk of the ‘E’ Field Sophia area the joint teams found forty-eight children who were not in school. During visits to the homes of some of the children, parents and guardians were told about their responsibility to ensure that their children receive an education.

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The Ministry of Education since its announcement in 2013 that it would change the age at which a child maybe enrolled in a Nursery School has made significant strides in making the necessary enhancements that will allow for parents to give their children an earlier start to a sound education.

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