Ministry of Education, Guyana


Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP)

  • What certification can I achieve by pursuing the SCCP?
  • What is meant by the term Level I Worker?
  • What can I do after gaining the SCCP Certificate?
  • How long does it take to acquire the SCCP CERTIFICATE?
  • Who can pursue the SCCP
  • Where in Guyana is the programme offered?
  • Is the subsidy granted for the CXC subjects after completion of the SCCP Advance at Grade 10.
  • Are tools, equipment and materials provided to ensure successful development of skills and competencies?
  • What are the courses a student has to complete?
  • Can a student pursue more than one elective?
  • Is there any other activity that the student is required to complete?
  • When are the examinations for the programme conducted?
  • Can a student complete the Grade 10 subjects without completing the Grade 9 required subject areas?
  • What happens if I should fail an assessment?

Competency Based Approach to Education (CBE)

  • What is the Competency Based Education (CBE)?
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