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The Guyana Visual Art Competition and Exhibition 2017

The Guyana Visual Art Competition and Exhibition is established in order to give recognition and support to the creative work of Guyanese in the Visual Arts, and to provide a source of inspiration to Guyanese artists, thereby stimulating the development of the finest expressions of the visual imagination among Guyanese.


  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Drawing
  • Fine Craft
  • Photography


  1. Eligible Artists: Guyanese by birth or naturalization (proof of citizenship must be submitted).
  2. Age: from 16 yrs old.
  3. Eligible works: Only artwork completed between November 15, 2014 and May 27, 2017 will be accepted.

Note: work submitted for previous GVACE competitions will not be accepted in 2017.

General Rules

  1. The Competition and Exhibition are held biennially.
  2. Artists may submit work on any theme of their choice, and in any style they choose.
  3. Works may be entered in a single category or in different categories BUT each artist will be limited to a total of 3 pieces overall.
  4. For multi-part  entries (e.g. diptychs, triptychs, assemblages, entries in Ceramics, Fine Craft, etc.), the individual pieces must be identified as part of  the larger work, AND the individual pieces must together form a coherent work of art.  An assemblage of separate  pieces will not be accepted as a single work.
  5. Generally, there are no restrictions on the size of work, except that it must be practicable to view, mount and display the work.
  6. Entries must be accompanied by the completed official Registration Form and other forms (see section on Submission of Entries).
  7. Works must be ready for exhibition, including being mounted where applicable.
  8. All materials, components and functions of the artwork must be non-hazardous.
  9. Withdrawal of any piece of work before the date of closure of the Exhibition is not permitted.
  10. Pieces must be picked up within 2 weeks of the close of the Exhibition. The Receipt of Artwork form, signed by a GVACE representative, must be presented. The Ministry of Education will not be responsible for the pieces left behind after this period.

Definitions Of Categories

Painting: Two- or three-dimensional surface art done in any painting medium or mixed media.

Sculpture: May comprise a single piece, or several pieces which constitute a single work. May be a single free-standing piece, or an installation, or an assemblage (plans for assembling the work, and pictures of the assembled piece, must be submitted along with the work). May be done in a single medium or mixed media. May be static or mobile. May include electronic components which are integral parts of the work. The artist must supply all components of the work.

Drawing: Two-dimensional work in any drawing medium or mixed media. May be in black and white or in colour. For the purposes of this competition, etchings will be considered within the Drawing category.

Photography: Work in black and white or in colour. Digitally-manipulated photographs must be so identified. Only hard copies of photographs will be accepted.

Ceramics: May comprise a single piece, or several pieces which constitute a single work, such as figurines, abstract work, pottery, etc. Work may be done in a single medium or mixed media. “Green ware” will not be accepted.

Fine Craft: Traditional or contemporized designs of any kind, which show a high degree of craftsmanship and imagination. May or may not incorporate a variety of materials, e.g., textiles, clay, wood, etc, in the same work.

Note: Except for the Photography category, and pictures submitted to assist with the assembling of installations, photographs and/or reproductions of artwork will not be accepted in lieu of the actual work.

Submission of Entries

Entry Deadline

Entries must reach the National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, by 3.00 pm on May 27, 2017. There will be no extension of this deadline.

Entries must be accompanied by the completed Registration Form which requires:
Entrant’s name, date of birth, address, citizenship, phone number, e-mail address, and 2 passport-size photographs.

Proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport or documents of naturalisation) must be submitted.

In addition, a short artist’s statement including details about the artist and the artwork (s) must be submitted on the same Registration Form.

The Receipt of Artwork form must be filled out and signed by a GVACE member or person authorized by GVACE.


The entries will be judged by a five-member panel.

The panel will comprise persons from Guyana and abroad who are experienced in the field of the Visual Arts.

The decisions of the judges will be final, and no correspondence will be entertained on the results.


The Competition will award the following prizes in each of the six categories:

First Prize: GY$ 500,000 and a Gold Medal
Second Prize: GY$ 300,000 and a Silver Medal
Runner-Up Prize: GY$ 200,000 and a Bronze Medal

In addition, the judges may award a Promise Award (GY $200,000 and a Bronze Medal) to a young artist (25 years or younger) whose work, in their opinion, displays exceptional promise.

For Rules, Entry Forms and further information, please contact:

National Gallery of Art, Castellani House, Vlissengen Road (225-0579, 225-6638)

The Department of Culture, Youth and Sport , 71 Main Street (226-3665,226-3738)

E.R. Burrowes School of Art, Carifesta Avenue (226-3649)

Regional Youth Offices

Find us on Facebook at Guyana Visual Arts

Ministry of Education
26 Brickdam, Georgetown

Kindly click on the links below to access the  Registration Form, Receipt of Artwork form and the Brochure.

icon GVACE Registration Form 2017 (902.79 kB)

icon GVACE Receipt For Artwork 2017 (188.27 kB)

icon GVACE Brochure 2017 (806.34 kB)




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