Ministry of Education, Guyana

Monitoring and evaluating the results of the Education Sector Plan

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is essential to any strategic plan.

It provides the evidence that lets Government officials, the units responsible for specific interventions, and the civic society judge whether the ESP’s interventions are implementing as planned and are likely to achieve their intended outcomes.

The 2008-2013 ESP incorporated M&E as an element, but the results-based management process was at an embryonic stage. In 2012 the Ministry of Finance initiated the drive towards managing for results and selected two pilot ministries, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. It is against this background that M&E will be a central focus of this plan. The Ministry of Education intends to inculcate a culture of results-based management. It will ensure that internal M&E systems are established that can yield timely and more frequent reporting on results and that evaluations are conducted that can inform policies and programmes. It will use interim results to modify interventions in order to increase their chances of success, thus demonstrating that the sector is a true learning organism.

This ESP specifies the results framework for the overall objectives of the ESP and for initiatives conducted during the ESP period of 2014-2018. This framework links the initiatives under the six intermediate outcomes specified earlier to the outputs of these initiatives, to the intermediate outcome that each is expected to help achieve, and to the indicators of that outcome.

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