Ministry of Education, Guyana

Initiatives to be pursued & responsibilities for implementation of Education Sector Plan 2014-2018

The initiatives to be pursued in this ESP are selected so as to achieve six intermediate outcomes.

Progress on these outcomes is expected to translate into improved learning outcomes for all subgroups.

  1. The performance of government departments responsible for implementing ESP priorities is improved.
  2. An accountability system that creates incentives to improve student learning outcomes is established and functioning.
  3. The quality of school facilities improves.
  4. The quality of teaching improves.
  5. The quality of the curriculum, the availability of teaching and learning materials, and the alignment of materials and the curricula of training programmes with the revised curricula improve.
  6. Instructional time is increased.

An example of an initiative under intermediate outcome 4 is an action to professionalize the role of head teachers. A post-graduate programme will be designed that prepares candidates for the position of head teacher. The programme will include training in how to observe and improve the performance of teachers in their schools. It will establish criteria for competitively selecting applicants into the post-graduate programme and into the position of head teacher.

Under intermediate outcome 6, an example is that, after consultation with families, schools, and regional government offices, flexible school schedules may be introduced in some regions/sub regions to reduce student absenteeism attributable to rainy seasons (e.g., in Region 9), low water that prevents travel by boat (Region 1), and weeks when children are needed to help in harvesting crops.

Responsibilities for implementing different initiatives

The ESP tentatively allocates the primary and support responsibilities for implementing each initiative to be pursued to one or more central or regional units as seen in Table VI.1. The audit of the capacities of these units may result in the reallocation of responsibilities.

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