Ministry of Education, Guyana

This document is Volume I of the Ministry of Education’s 2014-2018 National Education Sector Plan. It covers all levels of education except university education. Volume II will consist of the detailed action plans of each unit or department that must take actions in order to meet the targets of the strategy. This plan continues the focus on improving the quality of education that was outlined in previous plans, but it places much more emphasis on accountability by continuously monitoring results throughout the plan period.

The total cost of this ESP over the five-year period, beginning in 2014 is G$214 billion.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is essential to any strategic plan.

Any five year plan in any sector and in any country is potentially vulnerable to events beyond the sector’s control.

The initiatives to be pursued in this ESP are selected so as to achieve six intermediate outcomes.

In designing the Education Sector Plan (ESP) for 2014-2018, a wide variety of stakeholders both within and outside of the Ministry of Education (MoE) was consulted.

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