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Consultant Services-Development of Training Courses and the Training of Trainers for Improved Instruction and Learning at Nursery and Primary Grade 1.

Gone are the days when we educate children merely for survival. Today, our efforts should be focused on helping children reach their full potential, which we all know would massively benefit them, their families, and the communities they belong to.

To ensure that children will thrive in the face of modern-day challenges, we channel all our efforts and resources into improving the education system, i.e. proper child care and research-based pedagogy. One of the hallmarks of an effective educational system is the emphasis on early childhood education. We have seen how developed nations reap social and economic returns after revamping their preschool education.

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The objective the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Grant for Early Childhood Education Project is “to improve emergent literacy and numeracy outcomes for children at the nursery level and primary Grade 1 in hinterland regions and targeted remote riverine areas.”

This objective would be achieved through the implementation of four project components:

  1. Capacity Building for Nursery and Grade 1 Teachers in Hinterland Regions and Targeted Remote Riverine Areas;
  2. Provision of Early Childhood Education Resource Kits to all Nursery and Grade 1 Classes in Hinterland Regions and Targeted Remote Riverine Areas;
  3. Parental/Caregiver Education; and
  4. Implementation Support, Administration and M&E

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