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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:32

Department of Culture celebrates Easter

Easter is perhaps one of the most exciting event on the Christian Calendar and it is also observed by broader communities.


Easter is perhaps one of the most exciting event on the Christian Calendar and it is also observed by broader communities. As a matter of fact, here in Guyana, this event is associated with kite flying that bring all our people together consistently year after year, demonstrating emphatically that we are one people, one nation with one destiny. Guyana is an amazing place to be during this time as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
Easter is a time for reflection; it is a time to show love to our families, friends and even strangers, as Christ’s teachings brought love, hope and forgiveness to the human race, thus changing the world. 
Even if you are not so religious, Easter is an inclusive celebration that brings not only happiness, but fun as well, and an optimism and freshness that spring brings. The of us who are more religiously inclined, however, see this festival as God’s never ending love for all, no matter what is our current life’s situation, circumstance or belief. 
On this occasion let us all be reminded that hope must never be lost. No matter how dark the road may seem, there is always light at the end of it all.
Easter, as we know, is preceded by Lent - forty days and nights of fasting and giving of alms. After the fasting, Easter ushers in a time of secular and religious celebration. Children look forward to the colorful merriment of egg decorating and hunting; we bake “hot cross buns” there is Holy Thursday, and a lot of Christians go to church on Good Friday, reflecting on the death of Christ; and many more go on Easter Sunday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. 
Easter is not only a time for going to church; it is also a time for fun. This fun is enjoyed to its fullest by millions who spend time with their families and friends flying kites which Christians claim is a symbol of the resurrection of their Saviour. During the Easter holiday, but more so on Easter Monday, the sky comes alive with colour and sounds as decorated kites of all sizes, shapes and styles compete for our attention. Kite flyers of all ages flock the Sea Walls, Parks and all other open spaces across the country to display and pass on their skills of making and flying kites to the next generation of kite flyers.

Be they the “singing engines” or the silent ones, the swaying ones or the barely swaying ones, my sincere wish is that as the hoisting of the kites symbolizes the resurrection of Christ that it can represent the kind of hope that we as a Guyanese people can ascribe to as a united force moving towards development in a green, clean and pristine environment. 
I take this opportunity to encourage all to remember that as we look beyond our differences, to be or bothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Look out especially for the children who may want to go flying their kites unattended in areas with overhanging electrical wires ; thus causing injury to themselves. We want to see them alive and well when the new school term begins in less than two weeks. I, therefore, implore one and all to keep away from potentially dangerous locations with electrical wires. 
Finally, as we celebrate this joyous season, I wish to admonish that if you must drink, do so moderately and responsibly, so as to avoid becoming intoxicated to the point that we have accidents on our road ways or unnecessary incidents in your several communities. A country’s greatest asset is its human resource; Guyana is no exception; therefore, we cannot afford to lose such through careless, reckless or drunken driving on our roads. 
As we look to the skies during this Easter season, let us not forget the reason for the season and the unchanging tenet of unity that it brings. 
On behalf of the Government and the department of Culture, youth and sport I wish all Guyanese a happy, meaningful, safe and enjoyable Easter season. 
May God Continue to bless you.

Hon. Nicolette Henry

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