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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 00:00

Rugby grabs the most 2014 Sports Awards

There is no doubt that Guyana has a lot of raw talent in sports and without the necessary support and access to training, and even competitions, these talents are left to deteriorate. Over the years there has been an upsurge of participation in international competitions by Guyanese sportsmen and women.
While the sports teams are gaining international recognition, in Guyana, the National Sports Commission has been doing the same via the issuing of Sports Awards to the top sports performers. Awards are not only given to the sportsmen and women but sports associations, officials and journalists are also acknowledged for their work.

The National Sports Commission presented awards to the 2014 recipients of the Sports Awards. This year saw 18 Sports Awards being presented to 17 sports personalities who were on top of their game in 2014.
The awardees are as follows:-

  1. Person with Disability – Calvin Thomas
  2. Sports Journalist Photographer – Orlando Charles
  3. Sports Journalist (Non Print) – Avenash Ramzen
  4. Sports Journalist (Print) – Emmerson Campbell
  5. Most Improved Association – Guyana Rugby Football Union
  6. Sports Association – Guyana Rugby Football Union
  7. Female Sports Official – Vidushi Persaud
  8. Male Sports Official – Peter Greene
  9. Sports Coach – Theodore Henry
  10. Sports Team – Guyana Rugby Men’s Team
  11. Runner-up Junior Sportswoman – Akila Wiltshire
  12. Runner-up Junior Sportsman – Shemron Hetmyer
  13. Junior Sportswoman – Cassie George
  14. Junior Sportsman – Jason Yaw
  15. Runner-up Sportswoman – Alisha Fortune
  16. Runner-up Sportsman – Kristian Jeffery
  17. Sportswoman of the Year – Cassie George
  18. Sportsman of the Year – Veerasammy Persaud

While addressing the gathering at the National Cultural Centre, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony emphasized that “we can be justifiably proud of our top achievers for they brought personal glory to themselves and brought price and honour to the nation…for that and so much more we extend put heartfelt congratulations to all the winners.”

While acknowledging the outstanding performances of the Sportsman of the Year – Veerasammy Permaul, the Sportswoman and Junior Sportswoman of the Year – Cassie George and the Junior Sportsman of the Year – Jason Yaw; Minister Anthony emphasized that “they are the epitome of discipline, drive and passion that is why they have accomplished so much during the year.”

At this point the Minister recognized the sports administrators and volunteers whose valuable work have helped to move sports forward in Guyana. He then highlighted the importance of being engaged in sports activities which results in people having a healthier lifestyle.
“These secrets of sports, the panacea of life must be shared with the inactive part of our population, so that they too can experience these joys,” he said. The Minister added that the MCYS has been urging a lifelong approach to sports that starts in early childhood, where children, through sports, are able to acquire the necessary motor and essential life skills.

While many parents dream of having smart children, “we must create the enabling conditions for them to be smarter…one simple way is their active involvement in sports,” Minister Anthony explained.
Minister Anthony highlighted that sports in one mechanism that is used in strengthening community relationships, and have also resulted in the reduction of anti-social behavior, less crime, less vandalism, and less use of illicit substances.
“Ove the last three years the Government of Guyana has made tremendous investments in community facilities…we have spent $700M on more than 650 grounds in every region of Guyana,” Minister Anthony pointed out. This investment has seen thousands of people across the country getting involved in fixing their community grounds and encouraging people within the community to get involved in sports.

The Minister recognized that while the sports programs exist the next step is to ensure that Guyana is involved in competitive sports. “To do this the government has made substantial investments in the building of world-class sports infrastructure,” he noted. These include the Guyana National Stadium, the National Aquatic Centre, the Synthetic Track, and the Resource Centre.

“In addition to these investments, the GOG will like to work with every national, regional and community organization to ensure quality physical education and sport experiences are available to every child…over the next few year we want to work with everyone so that we can make Guyana into a fit nation, a nation of sports,” Minister Anthony posited.

At the end of his remarks, Minister Anthony shared his dream of Guyana becoming a ‘sports powerhouse’ in this century based on commitments to continue to build new sports facilities, train more people and develop more outstanding sportsmen and women.

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