Ministry of Education, Guyana

Improving Monitoring and Evaluation

Improved monitoring and evaluation is needed to address two pressing issues: the first is assessment of the academic achievements of the system, while the other is with monitoring the implementation of all aspects of the plan.

Two elements of Monitoring and Evaluation are considered in the plan. The first deals with assessment of the academic achievements of the system while the other deals with monitoring the implementation of all aspects of the plan.


During the implementation of BEAMS the Measurement and Evaluation Unit of NCERD was significantly reinforced. There was a specialist appointed for each region to help with the introduction of the concept of continuous assessment and the development of the national assessment tests that were done during the implementation of BEAMS.

The central unit was also reinforced with the appointment of a number of specialists to support the developments that were planned during the period. The results were encouraging not only because of the information provided to guide the planning process, but also because of the learning that took place in the unit. More recently the Ministry has agreed to be a part of the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) which is being undertaken by a number of countries.

It is important for the system to continue to obtain these measurements, which in essence are providing the best indicator for learning and for the delivery of education in the country.

Monitoring of the Sector

One of the weaknesses during the last plan period was the absence of systematic and regular monitoring of the progress of the plan. The 2003 plan outlined a proposed Monitoring and Evaluation Structure but loss of staff in both the Planning and Management Information System Units constrained the full execution of the system. There was some progress however, staff from the Planning Unit received on-the-job training from the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of BEAMS and one person was able to take over the preparation of reports for BEAMS when he left. The Statistical Unit of the Ministry was enhanced by the employment of both a Senior Statistician and a Statistician. Two persons in the Planning unit completed Masters degrees and in general the work of the Unit in building an indicator system has been supported through technical assistance from a consultant under the Social Statistics Project (overseen by the Office of the President) It is strongly recommended that a stronger Monitoring and Evaluation System with a comprehensive indicator system be an important component of this plan.

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