Ministry of Education, Guyana

Monitoring and Evaluation

More than ever before governments and development agencies are accountable for what they do and the services they provide. It is therefore necessary to have better measurements and accurate appraisals of the implementation of programmes.

In Guyana, education has been declared a priority, and as a result, the system is always under the scrutiny of all the stakeholders. The Ministry of Education has produced necessary evaluation information each year, but, with the new demands for accountability, these annual publications are simply not enough. The main stakeholders are demanding more. The emphasis now is placed on indicators, measurements that can give a clear idea of the progress gained in a certain period of time.

The present proposal is an approach to the development of such a system for the Ministry and the country. It will need to be updated and reinvented regularly and if radical changes happen in the system. Nevertheless the principles on which the proposal has been developed are very durable.

A monitoring and evaluation system was formally proposed during the preparation of the Basic Education and Management Support Programme and a specialist was hired for that purpose.The demand for a system of accountability goes beyond any individual project and should in fact cover all aspects of the Ministry’s plans and programmes. As stated earlier, monitoring of education delivery in the eleven education districts will be done by the MERD Unit which will be located at the Central Ministry. It will absorb some of the roles and functions of the School System Management Committee and all those of the Inspectorate Unit as regards quality assurance.

The MERD Unit will conduct a monitoring visit to each education department at least twice a year. An adapted version of the Monitoring Instrument for Professional Officer will be used to gather information on the management and supervisory practices of officers and school managers. A sample of schools will also be visited to validate the data presented on them by the officers, which will focus on learning and teaching and student achievement.

The role of NCERD in a decentralized education management system in which the MERD Unit is an integral part and which absorbs all of the functions of the Inspectorate Unit is to provide professional support to all levels of education management that will result in the delivery of quality education in schools. The support will be in the form of development of training packages as requested by the DCEO (MERD) to meet the needs of the education departments.

In the context of the strategic plan the Ministry will develop an indicator system to measure progress during the implementation of the plan. Two special committees will be set up to monitor progress on a regular basis.

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