Ministry of Education, Guyana

Education and the World of Work (TVET)

In addition to its focus on the technical and vocational institutions, the plan for TVET has close links to Universal Secondary Education. Some activities have been rolled over from the 2003-2007 plan but emphasis will be given to current national priorities. The key objectives are to:

  • develop relevant curricula at all levels in the technical/vocational streams,
  • improve the infrastructure and equipment in all institutions,
  • make technical/vocational education more relevant and capable of contributing to Guyana’s development,
  • accredit and streamline all subjects to the CARICOM Vocational Standards (CVQ).
  • create an alternative pathway to secondary education by expanding the Basic Competency Certificate Programme (BCCP) to 70 schools throughout the country.
  • increase stakeholders’ level of participation and commitment.
  • produce Competency Based Teachers (CBT) in different fields to fully staff technical/vocational institutions.
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