Ministry of Education, Guyana

Improving Teacher Education and Training

The major objective is to increase the proportion of trained teachers in the system to 70% by 2013 and to upgrade the knowledge of teachers in their specialised areas at the secondary level. This would mean training an additional 1818 teachers at an average of 364 per year over the next five years. Several policy decisions have been taken:

  • All untrained graduates must enrol in a special six-month certificate programme to be run by CPCE.
  • All untrained teachers in a school must enrol in a formal teacher training programme within three years.
  • The In-service Distance Education Certificate Programme will be expanded to admit 100% of the trainees for nursery (ECE) and primary schools commencing 2009. The pre-service programme will be reserved only for the secondary trainees or for those students who do not have access to a distance education programme e.g. in Region 8.
  • By 2009 the In-service Distance Education Programme for secondary school teachers will be completed and enrolment for the secondary teacher training programme will grow by 20% each year.

The Ministry (CPCE) and UG will explore the possibility of reducing the current two-year in-service Diploma in Education Programme to a one-year programme as a strategy to attract more graduates to professional education training.

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