Ministry of Education, Guyana

ICT Strategies

The use of ICT is regarded as a cross - cutting strategy for greater efficiency in Central Ministry, Education Departments and schools. It has also been highlighted as a major supportive tool in the teaching learning process at all levels of the system. Summarised below are the objectives and activities in this area.

  • To have 50% of primary students and 75% secondary students given access to computer training. This will be addressed through the provision of computers, labs, internet access, and training of teachers.
  • To increase the number of entries for the CXC IT subjects by 100% by providing all secondary schools with functioning computer labs and trained teachers.
  • To fully equip technical-vocational institutions with the resources to deliver ICT programmes.
  • To train 50% of primary teachers and 75% of secondary teachers in the use of computers for teaching and learning.
  • To support the development of e-learning courses for the MOE by training staff and teachers.
  • To develop and publish an informative and feature rich web site for the MOE.
  • To complete key information systems for education management and support effectively all ICT users.
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