Ministry of Education, Guyana

Strengthening the Management System

This is an important and difficult issue that should be understood as a necessary but insufficient ingredient in the strategy to improve the system of education in Guyana. It is only a means to an end. It should also be understood, as it was pointed out before, that management here is used in the broadest sense possible. It refers, not only to administrative issues, but also to educational ones. It has to do with everything involved in the processes of education and the administration of the system. Management activities are therefore outlined in almost every component of the plan, but more particularly under Monitoring and Evaluation. There are some activities which are overarching and do not fall easily under any specific component.

These are summarised below:

  • The reorganisation of the Central Ministry will be completed.
  • The Education Bill will be completed and presented to the National Assembly
  • Training programmes will be developed for administrators throughout the system.
  • The non-academic standards will be enforced in the whole system in order to provide equitable education to all children in the country. No facility will be allowed to function if it has fallen  below certain minimum standards.
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