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Linden Technical Institute - Potential Applicants

Applicants are invited to pursue studies at the above institution for the Academic year 2018-2019 commencing September, 2018.


At the commencement of the academic year, all applicants must be at least fifteen years of age to register for Full time, Evening and Day- Release programmes.


Craft Courses - GTEE
Applicants must have completed Secondary School and must have SCCP Advanced Level 1 or any other relevant qualification (CXC qualification).

Business Studies Courses

Computer Science: Mathematics, English a, Information Technology/Electronic Document Preparation and Management and ONE other subject.

Commerce/Administrative Principles Practices: Mathematics, English A, and any TWO other subjects (Office Administration, Principles of Business, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Principles of Accounts, Economics, English B, Social Studies, Information Technology).

Technician Certificate Courses
a.4 subjects CXC (including Mathematics and English) and any other 2 subjects (Grades 1 – 3) relevant to the programme. Admission may also be subjected to an interview.
b.3 subjects CXC (including Mathematics and English A), and any other subject (Grades 1 – 3) relevant to the programme. Admission may also be subjected to an interview and applicants must have at least two (2) years relevant working experience.
c.Persons who have gained at least a credit in a comparable Craft Course or acquired a CBE Level 2 qualification may be considered eligible for entry.

Competency Based Education & Training (CBET) Programmes
Interested persons have to attend an interview for entry into each Programme.

NB: Person who have the required number of subjects, but a Grade 4 or 5 in Mathematics and/or English Language and those without CXC will be required to sit a qualifying examination FOR entry

Programme Names Session Period (Years) Code
Radio & Electronics Servicing Full-time 2 RES
Radio Electronics Servicing Evening 2 RES E
Electrical Installation Part II Evening 2 EI II E
Computer Science Full-time/ Evening 2 DCS
Commerce Full-time/ Evening 2 ODC
Administrative Principles and Practices Full-time 2 DAPP
Administrative Principles and Practices Evening 2 DAPP E
 Motor Vehicle Works  Full-time  2  MVW
 Motor Vehicle Works Evening  2  MVW E
 Welding and Fabrication  Full-time  2  W&F
 Welding and Fabrication  Evening  2  W&F E
 Internal Combustion Engines  Full-time  2  ICE
 Internal Combustion Engines  Evening  2  ICE E
 Metal Machining & Mechanical Fitting  Full-time  2  MM&MF
 Metal Machining & Mechanical Fitting  Evening  2  MM&MF E
 Electrical Engineering Parts I & II  Evening  2  EET E I & II
 Mechanical Engineering Part I  Evening  2  MTD E
 Telecommunications Parts I & II  Evening  2  TELE I & II E
 Heavy Equipment Maintenance  Full-time/ Evening  Competency Based  HEM
 Data Operations  Full-time/ Evening  Competency Based  DOPS
 Electrical Installation  Full-time  Competency Based  EI
 Furniture Making  Full-time  Competency Based  FM
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