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The schedule for the Children's Mashramani Finals 2015 has been released. This year's competition will be held under the theme 'One People, One Culture, One Celebration'.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 16:21

Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH)

THE Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency (CSDA), yesterday hosted a Jump Rope Skipathon for primary school teachers and students from the eleven Education Districts across the country.

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The National Physical Display Competition began as a part of the Children’s Mashramani Events in 1992. This is a display of gymnastic movements put together for its aesthetic expression. There has been keen competition with interesting choreographies, especially from the outlying Regions. Unlike dance, boys participate more in this activity.

Over the years, schools have displayed a growing interest in this aspect of the programme making it difficult to manage during the busy Mashramani Events. 

In 2005 it was separated from the Children’s Mashramani events and made an individual National Event to be held during Independence.


  • To provide an opportunity for the demonstration of talent among students.
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and values in the art form.
  • To build the capacity for creativity, discipline and team work.
  • To expand the scope for Physical Education in schools.
  • To develop good sportsmanship among schools.

NB: The National Physical Display Championships will be held on Friday, May 22, 2014.




  • The Championship is open to Primary and Secondary schools under the age groups 6 – 11 years and 12 – 17 years respectively.


There are three categories of entry:

  1. Combinations Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
  2. Pyramids Secondary Schools
  3. Jump Rope Primary Schools


  • In all categories only group presentations are allowed.
  • Pyramids and Combinations groups are limited to sixteen (16) persons.
  • Jump Rope groups are limited to eight (8) persons.


  • Performances should not exceed three (3) minutes.
  • The presentations are limited to an area of eighteen (18) metres by twelve (12) metres marked out on the designated area.
  • All props and musical accompaniment must be provided by schools.
  • Entries for the National Championship must be sent through the Regional Education Officer to the Unit of Allied Arts by February 7, 2014. The Physical Education Department will monitor rehearsals of the Groups entered.


1) Conducting Regional competitions
Each region will organize internal competitions during the Mash activities for selection to the National Championship.

2) Submission of Entries
Each Region is allowed 4 entries as specified:
Primary -1 Combination and Jump Rope (Open to all primary schools)
Secondary -1 Combination and 1 Pyramid

3) Due to the fact that Jump Rope is a new activity to the Physical Display Championships we are would like to make specific reference to the rules of the competition.

Jump Rope Rules (Group)

  • Teams must consist of 5-8 students.
  • The routine must be 90 – 120 seconds long
  • All team routines must incorporate five (5) jump rope skills (Toe to Toe, Bell, Side Swing, One leg, V-Stop) and any additional 6 skills
  • Teams have to display a combination of both single rope skills and long rope skills (single long rope or double dutch)
  • Teams would be evaluated based on creativity (displaying of new skills), transitions from skill to skill, having the required number of team members, use of the time allotted and performing the mandatory skills.
  • DVDs of Jump Rope exercises are available at the Unit of Allied Arts, Telephone # 225-5330 or 226-0188.




This Display is made up of a variety of gymnastic movements put together in a logical sequence.

Variation of Movements (12 points)

  • This includes the effective use of a variety of gymnastic movements: travel, technique and changes in level, speed and direction.

Design in Space (7 points)

  • This is the effective use of the stage and variations in designs.

Presentation (8 points)

  • This involves the overall impact of the group in the presentation: entrance/exit, precision and projection of movements and effective use of props.

Creativity (8 points)

  • This is the innovativeness of the display and the degree of difficulty in the performance.

Transition (5 points)

  • The smooth movement from one formation to another.

Team Work (4 points)

  • How well the group members support each other.

Effective use of Music (4 points)

  • The suitability of the music for the activity and the rhythm of the movements in the presentation.

Appropriate Attire (2 points)

  • The costume selected must complement the theme and the performance and physical activities e.g. unitards, leotards and tights, etc.

TOTAL 50 points.



A pyramid is a structure built up by individuals supported completely by others so that it has a wide base and an apex. The presentation must have at least three pyramids linked by fluent transition movements.

Presentation (10 points)

  • This includes the overall image of the group: cognisance is taken in entry, exit, technique (jumps, balances, rotation, travel, level speed direction), use of props and projection and precision of movements.

Pyramid Display (13 points)

  • The demonstration of at least three pyramids with variations in designs.

Transitions (6 points)

  • Smooth flow from one pyramid in the space allotted.

Effective use of space (4 points)

  • The creative design of the pyramids in the space allotted.

Originality (6 points)

  • The degree of innovativeness and difficulty applied.

Teamwork (5 points)

  • How well the group members support each other.

Effective use of music (3 points)

  • The suitability of the music for the activity and the effective use of rhythm in the presentation.

Appropriate Attire (3 points)

  • The costume selected must compliment the performance and physical activity in general e.g. unitards, leotards and tights, cycling wear, etc.
  • Nudity is discouraged.

TOTAL 50 points.



Jump Rope or ‘skipping’ is a widely utilised form of exercise for all ages.

Presentation (10 points)

  • Team routines must incorporate five (5) jump rope skills (Toe to Toe, .Bell, Side Swing, One leg, V-Stop) and any additional 6 skills

Skills of Single Rope and Double Dutch (13 points)

  • Creativity and technique in the use of both ropes in the presentation.

Transitions (6 points)

  • From skill to skill.

Effective use of space (4 points)

Originality (6 points)

Teamwork and Coordination (5 points)

Effective use of music (3 points)

Appropriate Attire (3 points)

TOTAL 50 points.


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