Ministry of Education, Guyana

Words of Encouragement

Thank you for rewarding the Top 1% Students of the NGSA 2015

Dear Hon. Dr Rupert Roopnaraine,

Thank you for rewarding the Top 1% Students at Princess Hotel. It was very generous of you to congratulate us in such a big way. I would like to thank you for spending money on the movies the computers and the refreshments. I personally loved the Minions movie. It was such a comedic and funny movie.

The food was very delicious as well. It was so surprising to be rewarded in such a lovely way. I know that the children from my school (The New Guyana School ) enjoyed it as well. My favourite part of the ceremony was hearing my name called to collect a certificate. There and then I felt extremely proud of myself. One part of the speech said that parents need to support their children. I believe that is very true. Sometimes parents are busy working that they do not have time to look at their children. I am lost for words but let me just tell you that I want to say a very big thank you. I hope you hold this event for children in the future. A big thank you to those who helped out as well. I am very grateful for your kindness.

Top One Percent Performer,
Michael Prass

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