The objective of the Education for All-Fast Track Initiative Project for Guyana is to support the Ministry of Education in attaining the goal of universal primary school completion for boys and girls by 2015 with an emphasis on improving the quality of education and an increase in literacy and numeracy.

EFA-FTI Guyana is a programme which focuses on the filling of gaps in the primary education system in the quest to meet the MDG which targets the access to a good quality education service by the year 2015.

In Guyana the gaps exist mostly in the Hinterland Regions of Guyana and so a significant proportion of EFA’s resources have been directed to Hinterland communities. Some of the more significant activities implemented by EFA-FTI in Hinterland/Amerindian communities in 2008 include;

Payment of a stipend called the Remote Areas Incentive (RAI) to teachers in Hinterland Regions one, Seven, Eight, Nine and Riverain areas of Region Ten.

Establishment of Teachers’ Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) in Hinterland Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine.

Construction of eight high quality teachers’ houses in Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine.

Provision of basic textbooks to all primary schools including those in the interior.

Introducing a more learner-centred approach to classroom teaching in Hinterland schools in Region One and Nine (Escuela Nueva model).

Introduction of a community based school feeding programme to 60 out of 138 primary schools in the hinterland with more than 11,000 and out of 19,000 children benefiting.

Introduction of the process of school improvement planning in all schools with some hinterland schools receiving grants to assist in the implementation of the plans.

For the Year 2009, all the above initiatives will be continued, strengthened and enhanced and the training of primary school teachers via the Distance Education mode will be introduced.