Expected Outcomes

  • More effective performance of teacher educators and student teachers
  • More efficient provision of teacher education (reduced time and more focused content and supervision)
  • Better use of resources and improved management of teacher education programs.

Outcome Indicators

  • The time (credit hours) it takes to complete a course of study to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education is reduced from seven years to four years;
  • 80% of teacher educators will fulfill the minimum qualifications of their updated terms of reference which are in alignment with delivery of the ADE and B.Ed. programs;
  • The percentage of student teachers scoring at or above 80% on their practicum performance assessments reaches 70 percent;
  • The percentage of teacher educators scoring at or above 80% on their performance evaluations, which include classroom observation, reaches 75 percent;
  • The percentage of trained teachers at the primary level grows by 7 percentage points;
  • The percentage of males among direct project beneficiaries (teacher educators and student teachers) increases from 16% to 20%.