In Guyana, the law governing the public education system is the Education Act, Chapter 39:01 and the appropriate Regulations. These outline the requirements as it relates to the recording and reporting expectations for schools.

One of the main reporting and recording requirements stipulated by The Ministry of Education is that public educational institutions are required to keep records and make these available for inspection as the need arises. A list of all such records is contained in the School Records and Documents. This document provides guidelines that would aid/improve accountability in the Education System.

Some of the records contained in the aforementioned document have direct bearing on the maintenance of safe school environment.

Key records include:

Misdemeanour Book

  • This record reflects wrongdoings by students which warrant disciplinary action by the school administration.
  • Such offences must be reported to the Headteacher designate who would rule on the type of disciplinary action to be administered.
  • The disciplinary action to be administered must be informed by the provisions in the Manual on the Maintenance of Order and Discipline in Schools.
  • Entries must be made immediately after disciplinary action is administered/meted out. Such entries must include time, date, site and names of witness(es).

Log Book

  • This is a permanent record which reflects the daily activities within the school.
  • It is the Headteacher’s responsibility to ensure that the Log Book is maintained. In the absence of the Headteacher, the most senior teacher for the management of the plant shall make the necessary log entry/ies.
  • Any serious act of indiscipline on the part of students, teachers and/or member(s) of the public must be entered in the School’s Log Book.

Child Development Index Card

  • This card forms part of the system of continuous assessment in each school.
  • A card must be kept for each child.
  • It reflects a student’s progress in relation to academic performance, conduct and behaviour, among other things.

The preceding documents can be used as tools for managing students’ behaviour. However, it is imperative that students understand that these permanent records (e.g. Child Development Index Card and Progress Report) guarantee consequences for inappropriate and disruptive behaviour. It is hoped that students would therefore come to the realization that behaviour which threatens the security and safety of the school environment will have a negative impact on their future within school and beyond.