The MoE shall implement mechanisms to provide psychosocial support in schools, and work with NGOs, CBOs and FBOs to develop systems that provide emotional, educational and spiritual support. The services should aim at Reducing Risk, Providing Care, Psycho-social Support and Other Health Services


Reducing risk

  • Education, information and training in risk reduction
  •  Free condoms available for employees, or information provided on how to obtain them
  •  Teachers, parents, and students collaborate on risk reduction measures for students of legal age

Care and treatment for the HIV infected

  •  Education institutions facilitate access to medical services
  •  Provide advice on nutrition

Psycho-social support

  •  MoE providing the relevant mechanisms in schools
  •  Support given must be confidentially kept

Other health Services

  •  MoE shall provide other services such as deworming, immunization, screening and referral for various problems.