Being a parent is no small task. It can be an overwhelming experience especially for those of you who are first time parents. So fear not, here are a few parenting tips that are sure to help you along the way.

 31 Pro Parenting Tips for your Survival 

  1. Make and store a batch of laundry cleaner handy to quickly get rid of the nasty stains out of your baby’s clothes
  2. Hide the candy stash in hard to access areas will keep your children and their teeth healthy and your sanity intact
  3. Make a command hook behind your baby’s high chair so you don’t have to keep searching for bibs
  4. Keep from losing your baby’s socks and underpants by washing them separately mesh laundry bag
  5. When you take your baby outdoor with you cover his or her playpen with sheets to protect from too much sun and bugs
  6. When traveling keep your child’s pacifiers clean by storing them in souffle cups. This will keep them fresh and hygienic
  7. There are also self closing versions of pacifiers available in the market and online which close automatically when they fall off your child’s mouth. This way you can ensure that your baby gets a clean pacifier every time.
  8. Make a mixture of soap, baking soda and hot water to quickly and effectively clean your baby’s bottles.
  9. Avoid creating a huge mess when your child has a diaper incident by pulling his or her onesie down instead of pulling it up over their head. You will be very happy not to end up with poop in your child’s hair and face!
  10. Draw a DIY chart on your baby’s medicine bottles to keep track whether he or she is receiving the proper dosage
  11. Getting your baby to sleep can be quite a task. Try stroking your baby’s face gently with a tissue to help them get to sleep quicker
  12. Another way you can get your baby to sleep faster is to get heavy dark curtains in the room. This not only helps them sleep but also keeps them sleeping
  13. To soothe teething pains you can try making “Mothers’ Milk Pacifiers”. These will provide your toddler comfort as well as nutrition at the same time.
  14. Little one suffering from gas? Try gently pushing his or her legs towards the chest to relieve the discomfort and release the gas.
  15. Make a portable diaper change basket so you don’t need to frantically run to the baby’s room every time there is a diaper emergency. It doesn’t have to be very elaborate, just something you can carry with yourself from room to room
  16. Cutting your child’s nail is a struggle with your squirming toddler. Try cutting them twenty minutes after your baby has fallen asleep. This way you won’t risk waking them up and do away with tackling a squirmy little monster
  17. Always stash few loose diapers and wipes in the back of your car so that you can change your baby in the car instead of having to hunt through your bags. Also accidents are bound to happen when you will forget to leave home forgetting to pack diapers. Your secret stash in the car will serve as a lifesaver then
  18. Don’t forget to pack extra shirts for yourselves. Dealing with a toddler can be a messy messy business. Carrying an extra shirt for yourself can be a good idea to save yourself in case your baby spits up on you or worse
  19. For catching a quick break let your little one watch YouTube videos – even the annoying ones. This will keep them occupied and you will catch some much needed respite
  20. Sometimes its OK to bribe your toddler with small treats to get them to behave well or to reward their good behavior. But don’t give away treats at every situation or they will lose their special quality.
  21. Plan a treasure hunt for your kid to keep him or her occupied while you make dinner or take care of other chores around the house. A small treat such a sugary treat or a small box of crayons – nothing expensive – at the end of the hunt is sure to keep your toddler thrilled
  22. Take your tot to the park for the full day and make an adventure day out of it. Sit back and let your child run around as long as they are within your visibility and earshot. Then as long as you can see that your little one is no immediate physical harm use this time to relax and unwind. You can also join in in their myriad games
  23. Create a separate space for your child such as a little corner in their rooms where they can sit for hours building stories of who knows what
  24. Have a back-to-school party with few of your little one’s close friends closer to the date of school reopening. Get them to play games with back to school themes such as treasure hunts and have them sit around in a circle and discuss what they are expecting from the coming school year
  25. Check the newspapers for list of free community activities that you can easily participate with your baby.
  26. Take a quite walk together after a day of high energy activity to wind down your baby before bedtime. If you put them them to bed immediately they will still be bouncing with energy making bedtime quite the struggle
  27. Be consistent with your reward and punishment criteria. Reward and punish in the same manner as much as possible
  28. Be firm! Make sure your child clearly understands the consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  29. Be a good listener. Be patient and use eye contact to give them confidence to speak up. Don’t look down at them from a height instead physically get down to the level of very small children.
  30. Make sure they have understood instructions by making them repeat them back to you
  31. Look for all gradual changes in behavior, praise behavior that is coming closer to the desired goal

Ultimately each parent learns on his or her own the best ways that work for them and their kids. So happy parenting!