Growing up we learn several different skills that we can trace back to our childhood. We also often contemplate what would life had been if our parents had not pushed us to learn those skills at that point in time.

In fact, looking back on your life you realize that you would never have learnt that skill if you had not. Once you do realize that, you want to teach your kids those very skills so that they may not lose out on anything in life.

Planting Seedlings

Recent studies show that we only have 18 months to save the planet now. This means that while most people from our generation will lose their lives to old age, climate change will be a huge factor in the life expectancy for the coming generation. As a result, one of the very basic skills that you could teach your children at an early age is how to plant seedlings.

This is an important stage in the development of a plant. Where seeds are relatively easy to plant, when it comes to transferring the seedling to the ground is a little more difficult and therefore needs to be learnt to be done properly.

Dressing Properly

Every parent needs to teach their children to dress on their own and to dress smartly. However, you need to make sure that while you have the responsibility, you buy smart clothes for your child. You can get the Latest range of baby clothes online for your children. If your kids learn how to dress smartly, they will surely impress you with their dressing sense and make great impressions once they enter their professional lives.

Writing a Letter

Yes, we understand that this is the age of technology and letters are outdated but teaching your children how to write letters is still important. Why? For one, the modern form of formal emails are still just a variation of the traditional letter. Another reason is that writing a letter takes tact and teaches you how to display courtesy in writing. Therefore, learning to write a letter can be your child’s avenue to learning to write many other pieces.

First Aid

Children are prone to accidents and it is not necessary that every time your child is involved in an accident that you are nearby. As a result, your child must learn how to treat his or her own wounds in absence of an adult. Furthermore, teaching your child basic first aid can make him/her helpful in case of any emergency even when your own child is not the victim.

That way your child also learns how to take care of their wounds once they have been dressed and looked after by a medical specialist. This helps their wounds heal faster and lesser chances of them catching an infection or festering.