Reading can be beneficial to your child not only by giving you bonding time but also by providing a good start to their educational foundations. When you read to your children, you are sharing with them a vast assortment of knowledge. You foster a desire read and learn when you read to your children.

Fostering a Love and Respect for Reading
Children learn from example. By reading to them and by them seeing you read, you are teaching them to love and respect reading. You will become their reading role model as children like to copy what their parents do.

Reading to Babies
According to Laura L. Bailet from Kids Health, when you read aloud to your baby, his vocabulary will greatly increase by the age of 2. The more you read, the more words you expose your child to. Reading to your child will help with speech and language development.

Bonding, Communication and Relaxation
In today's hectic schedules and the two-parent working families, sometimes families neglect bonding, communication and relaxation. Reading to your child is a way to obtain all three at once. While reading a story, you can spend time cuddling and bonding with your child, and when the story is over you can discuss the story line or the story's impact on your child.

Listening Skills
You are teaching your children how to concentrate while you are reading them a story. This not only builds their listening skills, but it also increases their attention span. These will be vital skills once they start to attend school.

Life Lessons
As a parent selecting books, you have an opportunity to choose the types of books that teach your child life lessons. Is there a message you feel you need to teach your child? Reading to your child is a great occasion to get the message to them.

Your child will learn each time you read to her. Word recognitions, comprehension, picture association, memorization, dealing with emotions from story lines, vocabulary and creativity are just a few skills she will pick up as you read to her. The sky is the limit when it comes to teaching your children through books.

Setting a schedule with your child helps promote healthy sleep times if you read before bed. It eases him into sleep and provides structure. When a child gets used to a set schedule, the schedule becomes something that he expects and understands, which makes the situation calming.