Your little one is growing up before your eyes and as he grows, you might think more about his future. Regardless of his career choice, you probably hope he’ll be a leader throughout his school years and into his adult life. In the article, "Raising Leaders: Developing Leadership Skills in Children," Dr. Steven Richfield explains that, "Leadership skills can make the difference between a child who thoughtlessly follows the arrogant will of the majority versus the trailblazer who obeys their own moral principles and sensible convictions." The qualities and skills of a leader are ones you can teach your child now.

Foster a positive attitude in your child. According to, praising your child for his efforts and hard work rather than just making general statements of praise about his personality is more likely to develop within him a persistent and positive attitude. Such an attitude helps in many facets of life. 

Teach your child to ask questions and find resourceful solutions to problems. For example, if your child is involved in a school project and she brainstorms an idea that doesn’t quite fit the instructions, encourage her to think outside of the box -- have her find a way for her idea to meet the criteria. According to the article, "Building Leadership Skills in Children,", problem-solving helps children learn both responsibility and consequences that come along with making decisions.

Encourage your child to keep trying when she would rather give up. If she’s involved on a sports team and isn’t the best player, encourage her to practice so that her skills improve. This would also be a great time to talk to her about the significant role she plays as a team player. Some of the best leaders are not in the spotlight, but the ones behind the scenes helping to make the best players, and thus the team, successful. Working with groups helps your child learn to negotiate and compromise. This helps her see more than just her own personal view. Extracurricular activities help your child build self-confidence when she performs well, which fosters a positive attitude and a feeling of accomplishment.