Parents on Monday expressed gratitude to the government for extending the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant initiative to private school students.

DPI spoke to several parents of private school students who are grateful for the 20210921

Ms. Donna Bane, said the initiative is a good one and she will use the money to buy books for her three children attending the Apex School.

“It doesn’t mean that we are affording it or we are rich or whatever people may put it as but it’s a good initiative of the government to do such because it’s a thing for every child so it doesn’t matter which school a child attend, every child it’s a ‘Because We Care’…something for every child,” Ms. Bane 20210921 1

Another parent, Ms. Kenola Glasgow said “I’m very happy that they decided to make us a part of this contribution or donation, we’re very grateful for it and you know we do sometimes need help too, even though it’s private school you know you have different challenges and with the pandemic, we’re grateful,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ronisom Thomas said the money will be used for transportation and school items as they are 20210921 2

“Definitely it’s most welcome, it’s something actually we been looking forward, after I saw actually, they were doing for the public schools…I have four kids coming to this school and I think it’s a very very good initiative cause I think all kids must be included,” Mr. Thomas told DPI.

Ms. Neeta Sookraj shared similar sentiments and thanked the Government for extending the initiative to the private schools.

“I welcome that initiative and I must thank the President and all those involved in getting private schools involved to the cash grant.”news 20210921 3

The distribution will see an additional $320 million being distributed to parents of some 17,000 children attending private schools across the Country.