Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, MP, has called on parents and guardians of Kamana and other Region Eight villages to use the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant for the development of their children.

The Minister was spearheading the distribution of the grants in the village, earlier this week.

“We are expecting that you the parents utilise or spend the money on your children, we expect that you spend this money on the purpose intended and the purpose intended is to help in the development of your children”.news 20210819 2

Minister Croal said the cash grant programme is part of the Government’s investment in the future of Guyana’s children.

He noted that it has been over a year since students have been unable to attend school, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our children’s development has been affected and as a policy therefore, we are working to ensure that some point in the coming month our children are able to start return to school. We would like our children to return to formal classroom environment and that is why we have been on an aggressive vaccination programme.”

The Minister also urged parents and guardians to take the Covid 20210819 3

“The future of our children is in your hands, because it is these children that will be the leaders of tomorrow. So, I make this personal plea of you, starting with you the parents to ensure that you are vaccinated.”

Minister Croal said children will not be left out of the vaccination programme. He said Government has procured vaccines from the United States catering for children ages 12-17 20210819 4

“We are gearing our children to be vaccinated too, so that they too can be healthy and be ready for return to school.”

Minister Croal added that the distribution of the cash grants is free of discrimination and is available for every student in the public school system.

The Minister also assured those in attendance that the Government remains committed to developing their respective villages.