Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, MP, says Guyana’s children will have access to quality education as the Government continues to invest in this sector.

She made this statement while leading the distributing of the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant for the students at St. Angela’s Primary School. Some $13.6 million was distributed to the parents and guardians of 719 students there 20210811 9

“The future of our country are our children, that is the future that we are investing in…ensuring that they have access to and they receive quality education…

“To receive quality education is also important [so] that children know who take care of them, are able to equip them to receive education in the best way possible,” Minister Persaud said.

The Minister said the programme would benefit all the children enrolled in public schools. She also said the Government has recognised the struggles and hardships parents face every day during the pandemic, and the grant is another way of buttressing their household incomes.

“The name ‘Because We Care’ was not chosen in ad hoc manner, it was chosen because care is something each one of us must have for each other.

“So, we are extending that care as Government of Guyana to all children of the country, with recognition that there is even a little bit of support to make the child’s reality of a future possible…. To ensure that we develop exceptional young people who will become progressive, positive, inspirational young people… who will contribute in no small way to our lovely land”news 20210811 7

Additionally, Dr. Persaud told parents that it is important for them to ensure that their children not only attend school, but graduate “because once someone has education so many doors are opened to them.”

The Minister also said parents must recognise teachers’ hard work and dedication, particularly during the pandemic. She then called on those gathered at the school to observe the gazetted COVID-19 Measures and to ensure they are vaccinated so Guyana can achieve herd immunity.