Parents and guardians of public school students in the East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six) have expressed gratitude to the Government for the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant initiative, which was launched there on Wednesday.

Over 22,000 students in the Region are set to benefit from the programme, which will see each of them receiving a $19,000 cash grant, including $4000 for school uniforms and 20210730

Ms. Shonella Chisholm and Ms. Premwatie Bachu queued up as early as seven o’clock at the Lighttown Primary School, East Bank Berbice, to receive the grants for their children.

Speaking with DPI, Ms. Chisholm said she lost all her crop during the recent heavy rains and her farm is her main source of income. With cash in hand, the woman said she is thankful for Government’s commitment and service to the 20210730 1

Ms. Bachu expressed similar sentiments. She said the grant will ease many burdens and fully prepare her child for school in September.

“I am really thankful a lot because there are many children who don’t really have support to go to school and it would really be nice to help out a lot of home with children to go to school.”

Over at Cumberland Primary School, East Canje, several parents gave kudos to the Government, calling the initiative timely.

Ms. Tracey McPherson said the cash grant comes at a fraught time in her life. “I am not working and I am a single mother and I really appreciate this money. And as I get this money here I am going and buy school clothes.”

Mr. Danny Persaud said he is satisfied with the $19,000 grant, noting that it would help him to provide for his 20210730 2

He also opined that the beneficiaries should be thankful since the intervention would cushion the financial strain caused by the recent flood and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The 19,000 will do good right now for me and I think it will help for everybody who gets it. I hope they use it wisely and send their children to school, that’s the most important part,” he said.

Ms. Allison Best is also pleased about the grant. “I feel great about it. It is a great assistance towards the children for their school clothes. It will assist me a lot because some of my children don’t have father and me alone have to look after them. So, I am very thankful to the Government for the help.”news 20210730 3

Mr. Parasram Ramphul said he intends to use the money for its intended purpose. “This is going straight for school supplies. This is everything for school, not buying nothing for home use,” the man said.

A smiling Ms. Vanessa Artiga was also grateful for the grant. “With this pandemic here, things are very tight in many homes so I really appreciate the cash grant that we are receiving from the Government,” she said.

Some $421.6 million in cash grants will be distributed to Region Six students.