As the Government continues to roll out another one of its flagship initiatives, several cabinet members visited the mining town of Linden, Region Ten for the Ministry of Education’s “Because We Care” cash grant distribution.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, the Hon. Susan Rodrigues, oversaw the distribution exercise at the Linden Foundation Secondary School on 20210723 20

In her address to eager parents and guardians, the Minister underscored the relevance of the initiative at a time when the world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Rodrigues first sought to dispel the controversy surrounding this initiative, as it is being deemed by some sections of society as a political gimmick.

“It is not being seen for what it is, that is why we need to meet with you and make it clear, it was never meant to be something political, it is support from a genuine government to our school children and their parents,” stated the 20210723 21

Speaking to the timeliness of the initiative the Minister noted, that parents now more than ever need financial support as families are feeling the strain of the pandemic through the loss of jobs.

“How can an initiative like this be labeled a bad one? So instead of saying to people that this is a waste of money, we should encourage people to come out and collect and guide them on how to properly utilize it,” Minister Rodrigues said.

Noting that while there is no stipulation on what the cash should be spent on, the Minister implored on those gathered to ensure their children’s interests are made a priority. The event saw parents and guardians with children attending the South Amelia’s Ward Nursery School and the Linden Foundation Secondary school, receiving their cash.Between the two schools, a combined total of $17.3 million was disbursed.In total 11,613 students from public schools in Region Ten will be receiving $19,000 each, this translates into more than $220 million being injected into the region’s education sector.