-through ‘Because We Care’ cash grant

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mohabir Anil Nandlall SC, on Tuesday spearheaded the distribution of over $20 million in Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, to parents on the West Bank of Berbice.news 20210722 7

The cash grant and school uniform and supplies grant will see each public-school child receiving $19,000.

The distribution exercise was held at the Rosignol Secondary and Blairmont Primary Schools.

“Today, you are witnessing and you are participating in another initiative in which we are demonstrating in the most manifesting and palpable way, our commitment to our young people and to the education of the young people in our country,” the AG told parents.

He reminded that the grant is a fulfillment of another manifesto promise by the Government.news 20210722 6

“The Government has stopped the stealing that was taking place under the previous Government. We have stopped the wastages and we were able to save all of this to give back to you. Yet, they are saying that we are wasting money.

Imagine investing in our children’s education is considered wasting of money. Well, if that is wasting of money, I am telling you that we are wasting more money on our children’s education.”news 20210722 9

Minister Nandlall reassured parents of the Government’s commitment to incrementally increase the cash grant until it reaches $50,000 in another four years. He pointed out that the Government is actively considering extending the grant to children attending private schools. This move, if confirmed, would be the first time in Guyana that a grant has been extended to children in the private system.

Meanwhile, DPI spoke with beneficiaries of the grant who expressed immense gratitude.

Hemwantie Persaud said she is the only caregiver of her five grandchildren. Although only one of the five currently goes to public school, she said the cash grant would greatly assist her. She plans to purchase school items.news 20210722 8

“I am so happy that I received this cash grant. It is worth a lot to me,”the grandmother expressed.

Acting headmistress of the Rosignol Primary School, Olly Remy-Anthony said the Government’s cash grant reduces the cost of living for many of the parents. She added that children will be able to do schooling more efficiently.

To this end, the headmistress explained, “one parent indicated to me that she is going to invest the money in buying a tablet because during the past academic year we were doing the online teaching and most of the children, for some reason or the other, found it difficult to log on to a platform to be taught. The parent explained to me that the tablet ensures that the child gets engaged in classes.”

Later this month, the AG will be visiting Region Six schools where he will be distributing more of the ‘Because We Care’ grant.