– Minister Indar tells Region Five parents

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar MP says the decision by the Government to reintroduce the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant programme, is an indication of its interest in providing future leaders with the necessary support.

Minister Indar visited the region on Monday to overlook the distribution the grants to students in the Mahaicony area.news 20210720 9

“This cash grant programme is a reflection of love. How do you express love? … and that is by giving and that is what our Government is doing. We are giving and supporting our people and our children.”

Minister Indar said the opposition was against the resuscitation of the initiative claiming that is unsustainable. He said that is not the case under the PPP/C Government.

“If you have monies allocated for children and children’s development, then it ought to be given to them. It should not be taken away from them. You all know that the children are the future of this country as we would not be here for longer… but the children will be here to take on our legacy, so we have to prepare, support, craft and help them or do whatever we have to for our children”.

The Minister called out those who are encouraging parents to reject the grants. He said the initiative will help parents of children in the public school system.

“How come that is wrong? Since when it became wrong? I cannot tell you that it is wrong. That is why when people tell you not to collect the support which ‘Because We Care’ is offering, then reject them in the strongest term, but that is utter nonsense for you to tell a family to not receive this cash grant.”

Minister Indar also encouraged parents and teachers to get vaccinated and encourage others to do the same to achieve herd immunity.

Several parents also expressed their appreciation for the initiative.news 20210720 7

Simone Tucker-Ali said she is “so happy because I have my two nieces that I am collecting for and I am just happy that the Government has been able to provide to parents and guardians, I just hope that this can continue.”

Mother of five, Soorojanie Roopnarine, said the initiative has alleviated some of her worries about the possible reopening of schools in September.

“I am very grateful for this since it will help me a lot.”news 20210720 8

Ganesh (only name given) thanked the Government for looking out for its people in a time of need, especially during the pandemic.

Regional Chairman, Vickchand Ramphal was also present at the exercise. Each public-school student will receive $19,000 in cash, $15, 000 from the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and $4,000 from the school uniform and supplies cash grant. The Government has promised that within five years the grant will be increased to $50,000.