Doreen Jacobus, a grandmother of five of Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) says the money she received from the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant initiative will be used exclusively for her grandchildren’s education.

With schools transitioning to online classes due to COVID-19, many children without electronic devices or WIFI have been losing out on active learning.

Ms. Jacobus said she will use the $19,000 per child grant to purchase electronic tablets for her grandchildren to pursue their online education.

During the launch of the initiative in Region Two on Wednesday, the grandmother revealed that it has been difficult for the children to stay connected.

“We have discussed it at home with the parents…and we have decided that these tablets would be an ease for the children,” the grandmother from Tapakuma told 20210719 4

Ms. Jacobus has collected $95,000 in total for her five grandchildren.

Dorma Fredericks said she has been burdened with paying for her two children’s internet service.

“I think that this cash grant is very beneficial in this pandemic because I have a secondary student as well as a primary. I would have to do online classes with my child and I would have to provide every month to pay for the internet because we do not have the ICT hub as yet, so this is a great help for me,” the mother from Tapakuma stated.

Donna Clark from Dartmouth village is another mother hoping to pay for her children’s internet bill with the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant. She said she will also be purchasing books for her 20210719 1

Another mother, Naomi Chateram, the sole breadwinner in her family, spoke of the hardships faced in the bid to take care of her three children.

“It is hard raising my three kids who attend primary and nursery schools, so this grant comes in at a good time. Their father is unsupportive. It’s just me, and we are praying for schools to reopen.”news 20210719 2

Meanwhile, Patsy Jainarine, the headmistress of the 8th of May Secondary School in Region Two, said although a definitive decision has not yet been taken to reopen the schools in September, she foresees an increase in school attendance. She linked this to the Government’s cash grant, adding that it will motivate parents to send their children back to school.

“This initiative will definitely be beneficial to the parents and the children. The children will be able to get the materials, textbooks and uniforms. Looking at the crowd we can see that the parents welcome the initiative, and as they are preparing for school it will motivate them because the cost to procure schooling items will be less.”news 20210719 3

The headteacher as well as the parents and guardians, expressed gratitude to the PPP/C Government for what they call a timely and welcomed initiative.