Guyana is hosting for the third time, representatives from the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, St Lucia, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago for the Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) under the 2017 theme, “Legend of the Eleven Giants.” This is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport, CASC and the President’s Youth Award, Republic of Guyana (PYARG), M.S. news 20170723
During the CASC opening ceremony at Umana Yana, Kingston on Saturday. The acting Minister of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport, Nicolette Henry told the participants that, their involvement is a testimony to the fact that there are persons who embrace the idea of being well-rounded individuals, involved in both physical and intellectual activities that requires team work and trust.

“I hope that during your interaction, you will be inspired to become well-rounded citizens who will contribute meaningfully to the development of your societies no matter what your background, nationality, ethnicity, class or other situations,” the Minister said.
Minister Henry also stressed the need for the participants to rely cooperation, coordination, communication, cognition and coaching as they explore the country’s wildlife towards the goal of completing their stint.
“At the end of your stint I trust that you all will be forward thinkers who would have made the most of the opportunities that you had for meaningful youth engagement and development… be good ambassadors and forward thinkers for your individual countries,” Minister Henry urged.
Chairman of CASC Stephen Smith urged the participants to be good youth ambassadors of their respective countries during the expedition. He noted that they need to be ready to view the beauty of the country especially the challenges they will have while hiking the 20170723 1
The aim of CASC is to foster cultural integration and build capacity of award youth in the Americas region. The main focus will be on the eighty plus (80+) silver and gold youth participants, unit leaders and volunteers who will be exposed to, inter alia; certified first aid training, swimming and waterman ship, a study of Guyana and its expedition routes, the award in action, residential project, a qualifying expedition and cultural exchanges.
Delon Smith, representative of Bahamas said that he is excited to explore the wildlife of Guyana especially with the various activities offered in the programme. He noted that it will be a good experience, especially being able to witness the country’s various cultures.
“It was a long flight getting here, it brought me out of my comfort zone because I never thought about coming to Guyana and as a participant, I learned that it is good to be outgoing and getting to know people because we need people, we depend on each other since we can’t do everything ourselves…it is a lovely experience to go hiking with your friends and people you don’t even know,” Smith said.
Kimberly Carlos, representative of the Cayman Islands said that though she is excited to participate in the journey, she is somewhat apprehensive to explore, since she did some research on Guyana before coming. news 20170723 2
“I am very excited to be here, well to be honest I am absolutely terrified I have done my research Guyana is a huge country compared to our (Cayman Islands) 75 square mile island, it is haunting experience to come to but at the same time I am thrilled. I am so excited to be here and I am looking forward to the whole adventurous journey, just the difference in the culture here, it is just an eye opening experience to be honest,” Carlos said.
Guyana hosted CASC in 1999, one year after the organisation received its ‘Independent Operator” status from the International Award Authority as well in 2010 under the theme, “Experience the Nature Kingdom”.