Banks DIH Limited has come onboard with the Ministry of Education to celebrate Mashramani 2018 by sponsoring the National Children’s Mashramani Costume and Float Parade to be held on Saturday, February 17th, 2018. 

The sponsorship was officially announced today in the Boardroom of the Ministry of Education’s 26 Brickdam Office.
Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson said with elation that the Ministry of Education is happy to be associated with the beverage company. He said that Banks DIH has been one of the foremost partners in terms of financial assistance towards a number of ventures undertaken by the Ministry.
Mr. Hutson added that the Children’s Mashramani is just another opportunity to create rounded children in so many areas such Dance, Calypso, Poetry, Masquerade and Physical Display. Further, he said that the activity allows Guyanese to recognise that there can be unity in diversity.
The Children’s Mashramani activities are being organised principally by the Unit of Allied Arts within the Ministry of Education. Administrator for that Unit, Ms. Lorraine Barker-King said today that Banks DIH will see value for its money when the children take to the street on Saturday to display their costumes along the route from the Parade Ground to the National Park.
She appealed for everyone to come out and witness the spectacle and be a part of the activities as our children continue to celebrate Guyana’s 48th Republic Anniversary. She said that parents must know that the arts are not a waste of time. She urged parents to bring out their children and relatives to see the young lads and lasses perform.
Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer of Banks DIH, Mr. Troy Peters, said that the corporate entity has increased sponsorship for the event this year and announced that it will further increase in the future as the company looks forward to seeing the costume parade grow from strength to strength. The sponsorship being given towards the event this year is in excess of $2M.
He said, “Banks has over the years played an integral role in the national mash events and being apart if the children's parade is a plus for the company.”
The non-alcoholic beverages that will be provided by the beverage company are Malta Supreme, Rainforest Water and Powerade which are supported as products that promote healthy living.
On Saturday there will be in excess of 54 schools participating. They will represent the Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels. The parade will move from Parade Ground at 10:00Hrs and the processions will go east into Middle Street, North onto Camp Street, east into Lamaha and north in Albert Street and all the way into the National Park.