Michael Bhopaul of Queen’s College [QC] was yesterday recognised as the student with the highest number of grade one passes, when Minister of Education, Ms. Nicolette Henry, officially announced the results of the 2017 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate [CSEC] examination.news 20170822 1

Bhopaul, according to the Minister of Education, secured a total of 24 grade ones [with 21 distinctions] and one grade two.
But he wasn’t the only QC student in the spotlight yesterday. Among the others recognised for their outstanding performances were: Rawleeta Barrow (19 Ones), Roshawn Cummings (16 Ones), Jelena Arjune (14 Ones, 4 twos), Sydney Fraser (13 Ones, 3 twos), Cheri Frank (13 Ones, 2 twos), Jeevan Dalip (13 Ones, 1 two), Stephen Lewis (13 Ones, 1 two), Alyssa Nurse (13 Ones), Vishal Jack (12 Ones, 4 twos), Amisha Mohanlall (12 Ones, 3 twos), Diego Barnett (12 Ones, 2 twos), Leonardo Gobin (12 Ones,2 twos).
However, they were not alone as the performing realm was infiltrated by students of the privately operated Saraswati Vidya Niketan in Region Three [Keshini Digamber (16 Ones, 1 three), Shontel Archer (15 Ones, 3 twos 1 three), Sabreena Mohamed (12 Ones, 3 twos) and Reanna Ramdeo (12 Ones, 2 twos)]; Region Two’s Anna Regina Secondary [Nicholas Headley (15 Ones, 2 twos), Zulfikar Baksh (14 Ones, 2 twos), Shaveshwar Deonarine (13 Ones, 4 twos)]; students of the Region Six Tagore High [Kameela Parsudial (13 Ones, 2 twos), Puran Subramanie (13 Ones, 1 two) and Tejmily Persaud (12 Ones 1 two)]; students of the privately operated Marian Academy [Farah Chin (12 Ones, 1 two) and Mickelly Rahaman (12 Ones, 1 two)] and Nusaibah Hussain (12 Ones, 4 twos, 2 threes) of ISA Islamic in East Street, Georgetown.

Student’s Reactions

Following the announcement of the results, this publication was able to catch up with some of the outstanding performers to get their reaction in relation to their performances and to hear of their future plans.

Michael Bhopaul’s outstanding performance has never been accomplished before and indeed will be a colossal task to be repeated. But according to this Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara youth, he certainly expected to do as well as he did.news 20170823
The 16-year-old QC student wrote 25 subjects and gained 24 grade ones and one grade two. He credits his success to the support he got from his teachers, parents [Mahendra Bhopaul and Roopdai Bridganand] and other relatives, especially his older cousin, Tracy Ramoutar.
While he intends to continue at QC to complete about eight or nine subjects at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination [CAPE], Bhopaul said that he hopes to one day become a Professor of Quantum Physics.

Queen’s College student Rawleeta Barrow was named the student with the second most grade one passes at the 2017 CSEC examination. The 16-year-old wrote 19 subjects and gained 19 grade ones passes.news 20170823 1
“I credit my success to God, because He was with me every step of the way. I also credit my parents, my entire family, including my church family, to my teachers and my entire QC family, I say thank you…They never made me feel like I shouldn’t or couldn’t achieve my goals,” said an appreciative Barrow yesterday. Her next academic move is to pursue studies at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency level and later she intends to study law.

Another student of Queen’s College, Roshawn Cummings was able to comfortably secure a place in the top performers’ row with his 16 grade Ones. He however admitted that his outstanding performance came as quite a surprise to him, although he was hoping to do well.news 20170823 2
“I didn’t expect to get all ones, but I am thankful…I would like to thank God, my parents and everybody else who helped me especially my teachers,” the 17-year-old related.
He hopes to move on to the University of Guyana to pursue a Bachelors Degree in International Relations.

Keshini Digamber of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan [SVN] School achieved 16 grade one passes. She said her parents and teachers were instrumental in helping her to accomplish this feat.news 20170823 3
“I feel overjoyed,” she said, as she spoke of now being able to direct her focus on pursuing studies in economics. She said that she has already applied to the University of the West Indies, but if she is not accepted she will settle for ‘A’ levels for now. According to Digamber, she hopes to one day become a successful businesswoman.

“I am excited yet contented with my performance…I am totally satisfied, although I could have done better,” said an elated Nicholas Headley yesterday. He achieved 15 Ones and 2 twos. He is thankful to God for his success, his family, news 20170823 5friends and the teachers of both the Anna Regina Secondary and Abram Zuil Secondary Schools. While he has not yet decided on his future, the 17-year-old said that he has a keen interest in legal matters.

Jelena Arjune’s performance allowed her to gain 14 Ones and 4 twos. The 16-year-old QC student like many of her peers was yesterday in high praise to God, her parents and teachers for helping her along the way. She said that she was very dedicated to the task and thus related, “I am very, very happy that all of my hard work has paid off.”news 20170823 6
In fact she confided, “It wasn’t easy at all…I remember getting up in the middle of the night just to study, but I had the support, and now everything has turned out fine.”
After writing the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination, Arjune plans on eventually pursuing studies to become a Medical Doctor and probably later on a Research Scientist.

Seventeen-year-old Zulfikar Baksh gained 14 Ones and 2 twos.news 20170823 7
“I credit my success to my parents who supported me financially, emotionally and physically. My teachers and even my classmates encouraged me to work hard,” said Baksh. The Anna Regina Secondary student said that he is now aiming to attending the University of Guyana, since he hopes to secure training that will help him to eventually become a Civil Engineer. According to the young man, he doesn’t mind gaining a scholarship, since with that he would pursue studies in Petroleum Engineering.

Anxious to highlight that he is a proud student of the Anna Regina Secondary School, Shaveshwar Deonarine observed “as you can see there are only few students who made it here, so to be here is a real privilege and I feel really happy.”news 20170823 8
He gained 13 grade Ones and 4 grade two passes. But according to Deonarine, he could not have been among the top performers had there not been many supportive people who helped him along the way.
“In the education system it is a stakeholder thing, every single person has a part to play…so all credit to all those who were behind me,” Deonarine emphasized, as spoke of plans to become a chemical engineer in the future.

Sydney Fraser is 16 years also and she wrote 16 subjects at the 2017 CSEC examination. She achieved 13 grade ones and three grade two passes.news 20170823 9 The QC student said that God, her mother and her teachers were the ones who really helped her to accomplish her outstanding feat.

Kameela Parsudial through hard work was able to achieve 13 grade ones and 2 twos.news 20170823 11 The 16-year-old now has her eyes set on entering the medical field and intends to pursue studies to do just this. In fact, she related yesterday that she particularly has a keen interest in the area of child medicine, hence she could easily see herself one day becoming a Pediatrician. The Tagore Memorial Secondary School student credits her success to God, her family and teachers.

Cheri Frank of QC was able to secure 13 grade ones and 2 grade twos.news 20170823 10 The 16-year-old is ecstatic with her performance. “My family has been so supportive and several of my teachers who have been in my life have always encouraged me to do my best, even before high school,” recalled Frank yesterday. She plans on heading to the University of Guyana to first pursue a degree in Biology and then moving on to Medicine.

Jeevan Dalip wrote 14 subjects and walked away with 13 grade ones and 1 grade two.news 20170823 12“I am very delighted to know I have achieved it, because I think I worked hard enough and I deserve it,” said a plain-spoken Dalip yesterday. He however recognized that this is not the end of his academic pursuits, since according to him, “I have a long way to go.”
He credits his success to “God Almighty, my parents and all family members, school family and teachers.”
The QC student plans on advancing his studies at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency level. According to the 16-year-old, too, he hopes to eventually pursue studies in the Sports Science area, which to him is a very interesting field that is now emerging in science and medicine.

With his 13 grade ones and 1 grade two passes, news 20170823 13Stephen Lewis is certainly elated with his performance. The QC student in an invited comment said that “I firstly credit God with my success, my family and teachers who would have helped.” He plans on enrolling at the privately operated School of the Nations to complete his ‘A’ levels and later he intends to perhaps delve into psychology and economics since, according to him, “these are both interesting fields to me.”

Puran Subramanie is a student of Tagore Memorial Secondary School and is now also a proud top CSEC performer.news 20170823 15 The 16-year-old said that he was able secure 13 grade ones and one two. He said that his success was realised through hard-work and the support he got from his family and teachers. He plans on first becoming a teacher and later on to pursue studies in either the field of aviation or medicine.

Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Nurse achieved 13 grade ones and she is especially grateful to her parents and other family members, as well as her school and lesson teachers.news 20170823 14 The QC student also recognized the support she got from some of her friends. In fact, she disclosed yesterday that her next move is to continue her studies at QC in order to write subjects at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination.