Seventeen-year-old Rajni Persaud was born blessed although she is living with cerebral 20170828 1

This can be seen through her academic life. Rajni was born on the September 29, 2000 in the Georgetown Public Hospital and grew up in Enterprise on the East Coast of Demerara.
She is the daughter of Khani and Usha Persaud.
Rajni’s story starts on a sad note where her mother gave birth to twins. One died and the child that survived was Rajni.
But a few months after birth, her mother realised that all was not well with her daughter.
“She was not moving right and I decided to take her to the hospital where she was carried to the paediatric clinic, after which she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy “, her mother stated.
Cerebral palsy is a disease that affects or inhibits the movement of the body. This disease usually happens during pregnancy or 20170828 2
After being diagnosed, Rajni underwent six months of theraphy at the Guyana Rehabilitation Centre in Carmichael Street.
When she was old enough for school her mother applied for a suitable nursery school for her to attend.
Bu she was reportedly refused entry to one nursery school, and was never sent to a day-care, since she could not walk.
She attended Enterprise Nursery School for two years. It was here that she met a teacher, “Ms Cheryl”, who helped her on her path to success.
She then went on to the Enterprise Primary School where she excelled at the national grade two, grade four and grade sixth examinations. Rajni achieved the pass grade for Saint Joseph High School. Sadly, she was unable to attend because her parents could not afford the transportation cost and because of her condition.
Her mother also tried, unsuccessfully, in getting her daughter enrolled in the St Rose’s High, since that school has a Disability Centre. She was finally successful in getting Rajni enrolled in the President’s College. That institution was closer to the family’s home and had a bus which took her to school.
There, Rajni repeatedly excelled. She wrote 12 subjects at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) this year. She gained eleven passes with eight grade ones and three grade twos. Her goals also include achieving a degree at the University of Guyana in the business field.
Her hobbies include social media, going out for fresh air, movies, and outings. Though she is not fond of meaty dishes, she loves French fries and nuggets.
Her mother wishes to give thanks to all the teachers that helped Rajni through her primary and secondary school journey.