news 20170902 2Region Three’s top Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) students were, on Saturday honoured for their outstanding performances by the Region Three Chamber of Commerce and Industry (R.3.C.C.I) with cash incentives, trophies and certificates.

This event held at the Aracarai Resort, is the first hosted by the R.3.C.C.I in seventeen (17) years, and celebrates and encourages the region’s educational institutions, students and teachers to continue to strive for excellence in education.

Those honoured were top CAPE student Vamanadev Hiralall who received a certificate, trophy, smartphone and a cash incentive valued $120,000, while top CSEC students Faneeza Etwaroo, Rebecca Hammichand, Suzanna Dass, Nirmala Somath and Muhamed Ali all received a certificate, trophy and a cash incentive valued $50,000 each.

Vamanadev Hiralall, top CAPE student explained that sacrifice and dedication are necessary to achieving good results. “If you want to see results or performance to change for the better, you must make sacrifices such as your time and certain decisions in order to see results.”news 20170902 3

R.3.C.C.I President, Radesh Rameshwar in his feature address, explained that the event is aimed to develop the region by investing in its human resources. “We (R.3.C.C.I) are here to motivate and start a revolution to further put this region and its resources on the map,” he said.

Rameshwar noted this is one of the first major contributions that the organisation has undertaken since the installation of a new committee. Additional awards were also given out to representatives of Zeeburg Secondary School, West Demerara Secondary School and Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) as well to the schools’ educators.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) Denis Jaikarran commended the students for their outstanding performances, and observed that they have made their region proud with their dedication and sacrifice. He added that the ceremony is a great initiative to honour and encourage students, teachers and the region’s educational institutions to strive for continued development.

Assistant Chief Education Officer (ACEO) Owen Pollard expressed his gratitude towards the students for their performances in the examinations. He advised them as they leave their respective schools to embark on their new journey, to choose a path that they are passionate 20170902 4

“Time is now for you (students) to put into practice those guiding principles that will now make your teachers proud, your successes will be your teachers reward, go forth and make them proud find your niche in life,” Pollard urged.

The ACEO stressed that parents needed to collaborate with the teachers to play an active role in the development of the students, noting that the teachers have been entrusted to uplift and motivate their students to perform well.

It was highlighted that next year, the R.3.C.C.I hopes to include the region’s top National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) students alongside the top CSEC and CAPE students to be honoured for their hard work.

The R.3.C.C.I president assured that the organisation will work assiduously to guarantee that Region Three is known as the foremost region in the country, through its collaboration with various stakeholders.