The Ministry of Education will be constructing and equipping eight (8) new primary schools with computer laboratories, this year.

Head of the Management Information System (MIS) Unit of the Ministry of Education, Yoganand Indarsingh told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that these eight primary schools are spread across the various regions. The schools earmarked for the computer laboratories are Mabaruma Primary in Region One, Queenstown Primary in Region Two, Windsor Forest Primary in Region Three, Paradise Primary in Region Four and Wismar Hill Primary in Region 10.

Indarsingh explained that the Ministry will be building the computer laboratories to accommodate 30 workstations. In the initial stage, however, the ministry will be installing 12 workstations in each of the eight schools. The schools would have to facilitate two students per workstation, but in the future, the ministry will increase the number of workstations, so that there could be one-on-one access by the students in the computer laboratories.

Initially, Indarsingh said the ministry is expected to spend $20M to outfit the laboratories with the workstations. He estimates that another $6M each would be spent at each school, with regards to the civil works attached to get the rooms ready for the workstations.

The Ministry has been successful in equipping 88 primary schools with computer laboratories thus far.

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