news 20171009 6Senior Technical Officer in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Brigette Hinds, represented Guyana at the recently concluded "Round Table for Experience Sharing between Latin American and Caribbean Countries and Turkey in UNESCO Fields” from September 28 through October 1.

The UNESCO fields include UNESCO’s Cultural Conventions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Goals agreed to by the United Nations.
The Turkish National Commission for UNESCO organized this meeting to discuss opportunities for collaboration between Latin American and Caribbean States and Turkey in the UNESCO fields, with the support of the Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
The meeting aimed at sharing the experiences and discussing possible areas for cooperation. Chairperson of the meeting was Sector Expert, Mr. I. Tolga KORUCU, and guiding the Round Table discussion was Professor Dr. M. Ocal Oguz, President of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO.
Mrs. Hinds delivered the vision of the Honorable Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry of “Education for All” when she addressed the forum. “Outcomes of this meeting will contribute to the roadmap for Guyana and Guyanese through the policies and activities of the Ministry of Education. This is an opportunity” declared Mrs. Hinds, “to work to preserve our differences, hone them into diversity, and by these means render this geopolitical sector of the world a better one for all.”